Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY 'Vintage' Wine Crate Coffee Table

~ 4 Wooden Crates ~ I already had one on hand from Michael's so I bought 3 more. Using their 40% coupon for each crate they came to just over $7 each. (I'd love to make a table with actual vintage wine crates) Crates are 12.5"W x 18"L x 9.5"H.
~ Two 1x2x6 ~ I used Pine but it shouldn't matter
~ 4 Casters ~  I already had these on hand but this is one thing I would change. I thought about trying to rust these a little but I actually wanted the functionality to be able to un/lock the wheels and I was afraid intentionally rusting them would cause some problems. So next time I'll look for casters that are all black or have a rustic look.

Optional Materials:
~ Images (not necessary if you use a real wine crate) - I found one on The Graphics Fairy and a few others online
~ Mod Podge ~ Matte Finish
~ Stain ~ Vinegar, steel wool and brewed tea {See my Stain Tutorial for more options}
~ A variety of screws, nails, L brackets, and bolts
~ Satin Polyurethane

Final Dimensions: 27"W x 27"D x 17"H
Total Cost: $7 (x4 crates), $8 worth of wood for the frame and $7 per caster = $64
*price does not include screws, nails, stain or finish.


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